Know What’s Coming: Why a Chiropractic Care Plan is a Must For Any Patient

A chiropractor shows her patient an xray of her spine on a computer monitor

Know What’s Coming: Why a Chiropractic Care Plan is a Must For Any Patient

I took the dog for a walk this morning. I do most mornings. Walks are so great not only for exercising but for processing thoughts. That and the shower. Does anyone else have their best ideas in the shower? It’s weird. But I digress, I’m not here to talk about why it happens, but WHAT I was thinking about. The suspense. I know. 😉

Today my thoughts turned to care plans and not so much what they are, but why we present care in the form of a long-term Chiropractic care plan.

Care plans are actually the reason many people discontinue care with their doctor. They believe we just want to keep you coming back, we’re only in it for the money… Can you picture me rolling my eyes?!

Time and money are sensitive subjects to be sure but let’s pretend for a minute that we were your dentist instead of your Chiropractor. You have a care plan with them! It includes daily brushing and flossing and visits to the office every six months. You don’t stop brushing your teeth after visiting the dentist just because you didn’t have any cavities this time, right?

So how could regular visits to the chiropractor support your nervous system and overall wellbeing? Research shows that a Chiropractic adjustment increases oxygen perfusion to the brain and body. It increases heart rate variability (you’re familiar with this in-office test!), allowing your heart to adapt to whatever stress comes your way! At its core, each adjustment allows the brain to send out proper signals for proper movement and function in your body.

I know that when I adjust your spine, nothing short of miracles happen. Ease, relief, increased reaction time(important for grandmas and grandpas that are prone to falls) So much more than is typically assumed. 

So when we talk about care plans, we take into consideration wear and tear on your spine that has already occurred and what it will take to prevent it from progressing.

And that’s just the structural piece of it! We also measure the function of your nervous system at various intervals of your care to get a check on the unseen. The wonderful, beautiful things happening biochemically and energetically. 

What I know is this: an insurance company does not take that into consideration. I cannot give a recommendation because an insurance company says so. 

A long time ago, a colleague asked me “what would you say if it were your mother”? It has made looking at your scans and history and goals for care so much easier for me to “plan” now. Because I recommend what I would if you were my family. At the end of the day, you are my chosen family and I want you to experience the very best that a whole, abundant, fully functioning nervous system can give you. 

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