The Dimmer Switch: Our Favorite Analogy for Chiropractic Care

The Dimmer Switch: Our Favorite Analogy for Chiropractic Care

We love analogies around here. They help make information digestible and easy to understand and are usually gets reproduced in my life.

There are so many misconceptions and myths when it comes to Chiropractic Adjustment – the very “thing” I love and count as life-changing. Every single adjustment. Life-changing.

And that’s where the concept of a dimmer switch comes in! To “dim” means to make or become less bright and distinct

Can you think of a time in your life when you actually feel less bright and distinct? I hear it every day, and not just in the office, but in my many circles of friends. 

  • “I feel like I have brain fog”
  • “I cannot find balance”
  • “I am so tired”
  • “I have no energy”
  • “I am in constant pain”

There are so many more!

What would happen if the body, more specifically the brain, was less dim? No really, what would happen?

  • Would you get better sleep? 
  • Would you experience less pain?
  • Could you have more energy throughout the day?
  • Would you be more focused?
  • Could you build more connections with those we love?
  • How would your moods change? Would you be happier? Less angry?

We could go on and on here!

When we deliver a chiropractic adjustment, we quite simply turn the dimmer switch to brightness, wholeness, and MORE life.

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