Update: I’m an Author!

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Update: I’m an Author!

I finally did it! It had been a goal/dream of mine for such a long time. The opportunity to be an author in a published book practically fell into my lap and jumped at the chance, I did. Writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. When my mind can embrace the very things I want to put on paper, rather than race with the next activity to do or place to be, I can tell a pretty compelling story. 

The theme of my life, so to speak, the essence of my purpose is centered around a story. 

Mine and yours. 

If I were to ask you and probably ninety percent of the population to describe what Chiropractic is or what it helps, I would most likely hear something along the lines of a natural remedy for pain. And while I cannot deny that or blame the ignorance or misunderstanding, the story of Chiropractic is so much more. A friend recently shared a beautiful description of what Chiropractic care means and it is this story that I want you to know ~ 

“Chiropractic care is not about preventing anything, it’s about expressing everything. When LIFE can be expressed without interference or interruption, you’re like a radio station that’s tuned in perfectly. If you’re living a life of static and interference, it’s hard to hear The Message.”

I LOVE that. Health Care should be about life’s expression. Being fully who you are.  That doesn’t always mean a smooth road. We express health when our body experiences a fever or vomit, our body’s way of ridding itself of what it does not need. That my friends IS an expression of health. You are working by design. 

All that to say, my chapter in the book “Shift with Intention”, is about defining my story and a few tools on how you can define yours too. Yet another example of life’s expression. I encourage you to look within. Are you feeling like your best, most engaged, vibrant version of yourself? In the zone? 

Yes?! Awesome! Share it with others! No?! Start here:

Get inspired by your own story. Find ways to “tune in” to your mind, body, and spirit. Don’t know where to start? Check out “Shift With Intention”, a book I had the honor of contributing a chapter to. Read It. Process it. Talk with others about it and get after “it”. “It” being your most wonderful, thriving self. 

PS: If you have never had the pleasure of being connected to one’s self, you should probably make an appointment too. That my friends is where the “magic” really happens! 

Peace and love and a little bit of kick in the ass – You’ve. Got. This.

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