Set Your Soul Ablaze

Set Your Soul Ablaze

Set Your Soul Ablaze

I sit here slightly finding myself in disbelief that the holidays are right around the corner! Life seems to move a little faster when you embrace the opportunities that come your way and start truly living.

Earlier this year I was invited to author a chapter in a self-help book. What?!? This invitation was truly a dream come true and right in my wheelhouse!

I find myself returning to the book time and again when I need those little reminders, the advice you give but don’t always take yourself. If lately, you feel like you’ve been swimming upstream or simply a little indifferent to the world around you, I encourage you to grab a copy and check out my chapter titled, “Set Your Soul Ablaze”.

When I sat down to share my story, my intention was to inspire action in yours. Sometimes a little nugget of inspiration sets the tone for profound personal action.

Walking through your dream life, surrounded by people with the same mission – does it get any better than that?!

Thank you for reading and sharing my little bit of magic and many, many blessings as you make your own! Haven’t read it yet? Get a copy of Shift With Intention and Soar for yourself or give the gift of inspired hope to someone else.

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