Scan Technology to Understand How Your Body Handles and Adapts to Stress

women undergoing scan at chiropractor

Scan Technology to Understand How Your Body Handles and Adapts to Stress

If you had the chance to know how your body handled “stress” would you want to know? 

I’m a collector of information. If I embark on something new, I want to know all I can about it. You too? 

  • Restaurants… How many stars?
  • Vacation destinations… Who is saying what?
  • Making Amazon purchases… What are the reviews?
  • Paint color combinations… Google Images (Is that just me? Maybe :))

So the question here is: How does your body handle and adapt to stress? 

Early on in my over 20-year journey in Chiropractic care I was introduced to Insight Neuroscan Technology. While it’s common for most Chiropractors to gather your information either by way of history taking or X-ray, a more intimate glance at nervous system function is available by using neuroscan technology. 

This is exactly my cup of tea. How is my nervous system working? Better yet, are my daily habits helping to keep me healthy or slowly making me sicker? 

Scans have become a hot topic of conversation around my office. Everyone wants to be “better” but no one has the tools to measure if they’re on the right track or not. Scan technology gives us a starting point so we can make a plan of action and a direction in which to go. 

The Insight Neuroscan measures three areas and populates an average “core” score. The higher the score, the higher the neural efficiency, AKA nervous system function. 

The three areas measured are 

  • Heart rate variability, 
  • sEMG which measures the amount of energy or lack thereof that it takes to support the structure of our spine, and a
  • Thermal Scan that looks at how affected the nerves are and their ability to carry messages of life and vitality to every cell and organ.

This Core Score interpretation, along with X-ray analysis, helps us form your plan of care. You’ll hear me mention the acronym DREAM.

DREAM represents lifestyle shifts: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment, Mental/Meditative. When we focus and enhance these areas, we can make them work together for your greatest benefit. You will actually see the shift occur! This helps us answer the question: are your current habits helping you or hurting you? 

Adaptation is key here. Either we are becoming more adaptive or less. And the more adaptive we are to the stress coming in, whether physical, chemical, or emotional stress, the better chance we have at living a more connected, more vibrant and more fulfilling life. 

The starting point is important to know. Be a gatherer of all the knowledge you can about your own body to make choices and habits that support living your best life!!

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