Healthy Habits: Make THIS the year you reach your health goals!

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Healthy Habits: Make THIS the year you reach your health goals!

Let’s get down to it! Cut to the chase and  

We can talk about our goals all day long. But to achieve them, we must take action. We must be honest.

Taking steps toward achieving your goals – especially health-related goals – can be tough, so I’ve put together some of my favorite tips to help you get started on the right foot. Here we go!


Know your habits.

Make a List. Come clean. Creating awareness around behaviors helps to identify what triggers the unhealthy habits you want to change.


Make a Plan.

Include small, reasonable goals and specific actions you’ll make toward them. 


Stay on track!

Doing positive things for yourself can feel exciting! There will inevitably be times that you might feel stuck or that “it’s too hard”. Identify the negative thoughts and turn them into realistic, productive ones.  


Change your surroundings!

Remove temptations. Make healthier choices easy!


Ask for support!

But not from everyone! Only people that “fill the tank”! Identify what support sounds like…secret…it’s not always what you want to hear!


Imagine the future!

See yourself winning! You’ve made it!!


Reward yourself!

Celebrate along the way! You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, don’t forget that!


Lastly, be patient.

Focus on progress, not perfection. 


Start today, or set a date a week from now. Just start!

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