Great Workouts to Do at Home

Great Workouts to Do at Home

Great Workouts to Do at Home

Can I let you in on a secret? Exercise is my favorite hobby. It’s my mental refuge as well as my physical enhancer. 

My ritual of gym-going at 5:30 am was interrupted when babies came along and hubs left early for work. After abandoning my previous habits for a few years, I figured out how to make my time and circumstances work for me. 

  • “No time?”= no excuse
  • “No money?” = no excuse
  • “No equipment?”= no excuse
  • “Weather is bad”=no excuse

One of my favorite sayings to my kids is this: “You can have excuses or results, but you cannot have both.”

Ironically, exercise is not so much about figuring out what to do as it is setting the time aside to actually do it

When I couldn’t hit the gym as often as I had before, home workouts became my go-to. It’s easier to carve out time to do them during your day and around your schedule, and they also do not require fancy equipment or space to do them.

All you have to do is grab your mat and your dumbbells and get to work!  

So if the thought of going to the gym sounds like something you don’t have time for in your day-to-day routine, don’t worry! I’m sharing some of my favorite at-home “workouts” to get you moving! They are as simple as they sound!

1. Grab a deck of cards

You are going to select 1 exercise to do per suit – can be cardio, weights, body weight, abs, just pick 4 exercises. Face cards and aces=10 reps, all other cards are face value! Go through the whole deck!

2. Find a Walking Accountability Partner

Taking a simple 30-minute walk is a great way to get in your daily exercise. To make sure you follow through, find a walking accountability partner who has the same time available as you. Make sure to pick someone who is not likely to cancel regularly because they’re tired, and someone that owns a raincoat and isn’t afraid to use it! 😉 Set your route, and commit to walking together at least 3 days a week.

3. Get a big dog 

No human walking partner? A big dog will force you to help them spend their energy and as an added bonus – they are great company!

4. Google!! 

If you are looking for a more structured home workout, the internet is your friend! Use any of these search words to find a workout for you: 

  • Bootcamp workouts
  • Hiit workouts
  • Tabata workouts
  • Superset workouts
  • Arm and ab workouts 
  • Leg day workout….anything you can think of! 

Once your search is entered, hit images or videos and you’ll find a plethora of workouts that you can do at home. Simply follow along with a video or write down the exercises and get to work. This is also a great way to get outside your comfort zone and find next exercises that you don’t normally do. 

If my workout couldn’t happen before the kids awoke, I simply involved them. They were the card turners, DJ’s, and often became the workout partner! Win-Win!

The bottom line is this: It doesn’t matter what you do or where you do it. Just get up and get moving! 

What are your favorite home exercises? Tell me below!

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