What is Chiropractic Care and What Can It Do For You?

What is Chiropractic Care and What Can It Do For YOU?

What is Chiropractic Care and What Can It Do For You?

These days everyone seems to be seeking out a Chiropractor. Did you know my practice was built almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals?! It’s truly amazing.

Every day, I put together which of my patients teach together, go to church together, and who is who’s relative. It’s beautiful, especially when it overlaps! We have built a beautiful community within the walls of Abundant Health Chiropractic.

I’ve recently been asking myself “Do my practice members remember why they’re coming in? Or why they’re sticking to a wellness plan schedule, often multiple times a month?” Sometimes we all get lost in the mundane of repetition and routine. 

I had what many refer to as a health “issue” a few months back. In reality, my body was expressing a lack of balance and throwing a warning signal of malfunction. More to that story at a later time, but when I found myself as a patient, and wow did it give me a fresh perspective.

I was reminded that Chiropractic care is the foundation of nervous system regulation. Dysregulation is where we find, dis-ease, lack of well-being, malfunction, and sick. Our society is stuck in a reactive mode. Honestly, there is so much to know to ensure we’re adequately equipped to be proactive. I can fully understand why someone who doesn’t have a bachelors in Human biology doesn’t know where to start or what to believe!

Chiropractic care is simply consistent and repetitive input into your nervous system so that your body can BE consistent, regular, and thriving. 


Thrive – to prosper or flourish

Survive – to continue to exist

Survive is to be reactive, to thrive requires us to be proactive. 


How can Chiropractic care help you thrive? Regular and consistent adjustments spark your brain to move from a state of simply surviving to a state of thriving. Chiropractic care – alongside lifestyle shifts – gives you the best possible outcomes for ease, comfort, and well-being.

At first, you may come into the office with the intention to survive a current crisis of pain or discomfort. It is my hope and mission that you understand the greatest potential of your own human body. I hope that you’ll join this community of individuals pursuing their best selves, physically, chemically, and emotionally. 

This world is ready for that.

Peace, Love, and Abundance. May we find it, practice it and share it.

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