Support Your Body This Back-To-School Season  

Support Your Body This Back-To-School Season  

It is transition time again! And whether you are heading back to school, supporting someone else going back to school, or simply sitting in back-to-school traffic, a new season is approaching. Here’s hoping that your summer has been rewarding, relaxing, and fun – ours sure was!  

As with almost anything that I witness in life, I, Dr. Horn, can find a Chiropractic analogy. It’s funny sometimes and other times it’s actually a little breathtaking to see the “connection” in simply everything around you!

Connection is the theme today and I invite you to look at the connections within your own life, both externally and internally. 


Prepare Yourself For This Season of Change

Internally, is your body ready for this change of season? The transition of the season is a typical time of new stress. Schedules change, exposure changes, routines change and you need your body ready, willing and able to adapt to these changes! 

You’ve seen us post about back-to-school adjustments, which is why. Your Nervous System is about to undergo and must adapt to change. As much as we want to rely on willpower for this adaptation, it is your nervous system that must read, regulate and respond and that my friends is why supporting your nervous system is vitally important. 

Externally, we all know this but let’s lean in on a few things that will help support this new season. My top 5 (pick 3 if 5 feels too big!) ways to “win the day” are:

  1. Exercising
  2. Meditating/Visualizing
  3. Saying affirmations/Journaling
  4. Meal prepping to help reduce stress around mealtime  
  5. Drinking your water

Setting yourself up mentally, physically, and spiritually is the surest way to conquer all that comes your way. Pouring into yourself is the easiest, most cost-effective way to accomplish your dreams! And we all are better when we’re living abundantly! Cheers to this new season!


~On behalf of the Abundant Health Team, Dr. Horn

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