4 Easy Ways to Exercise

4 Easy Ways to Exercise

4 Easy Ways to Exercise

Finding the time and motivation to exercise can be difficult. Exercise is Dr. Horn’s top tip for stress relief and strengthening the body. Here are 4 easy tips to get exercise in during your normal day. 


When going to the grocery store or mall, park in the back of the parking lot and get those steps in while inside and outside. Every step counts and gets the heart pumping and your body in motion. A body in motion equals a body getting stronger. 

Step Up

Instead of hopping on the elevator, take the stairs. Accelerate on the straight-aways and take two steps at a time every other flight for increased cardio and a bit of a leg burn.

Dance Party

Stream your favorite playlist and have your own private dance party. Dancing has been known to relieve stress, increase your heart rate, and can improve your mood. According to Dance 4 Healing, dancing “reduces the risk of dementia by 76%, cardiovascular death by 46%, improves balance by 50%, prevents falling, improves muscle strength, lowers stress, and reduces pain”.


Many of us are working from home or a phone these days which can cause stiffness and pain. Stretching is a great way to combat those issues, as well as strengthening the body. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles and increases your range of motion. Healthline reports that “research also suggests that periodic workplace stretching may reduce pain by up to 72 percent”. Some basic stretches can be head rolls, slow nodding the head “yes” and “no”, torso twists, and shoulder shrugs.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life? Tell us below!

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