3 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

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3 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

What?! The holiday season is here already??? You’re talking to a tried and true summer girl here! Give me the pool even if it comes with a little sweat. 😉⁠

That might be true for most from the Midwest. These “transitions” between seasons tend to give us a little bit of each season in a matter of days!

Ok enough of the pouting, it’s happening whether I like it or not!

This brings me to the point at hand – the holidays are coming, a season commonly referred to as (as much as I hate to mention it) flu season.

Gasp! Shut your mouth! That is not a real thing! Why did we give it a season???

Well, because, stress goes up, healthy eating goes down and your immune system cannot keep up.

Changing everything at once can be hard, I get it. So let’s commit to these 3 tips to limit the burden on your immune system this winter and give it a fighting chance!


These are the top 3 things that my family would say we are diligent about, especially in the gloomy winter:

Chiropractic Adjustments

 No surprise, I know. This one easily falls to the wayside due to busy schedules and bad weather. Most important though! My kids are lucky enough to have me in the house if they’re feeling down and out, I’ve adjusted them multiple times a day and then daily when ill. I’m committed to do that for you too. The Nervous system is like a light switch. Turn that Power on and watch all the systems perk up to their potential!

Limit sugar

Yikes! But it’s Halloween only once a year you say. And Mom only makes pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving! And we have ALL the holiday parties! And one last binge before I change my ways on January 1! Think I’ve heard it a few times? Listen, I may nod at your excuses because you don’t want to know the truth. YOU are the keeper of your vessel. YOU and YOU  alone. I’m certainly not saying avoid treating yourself, but the hits are coming for the next 2 ½ months. There is no definition of moderation. No one says 1 snack a day, or 1 soda a day/week is moderation. That is your ego making your habits acceptable. Start putting more good food in than bad, move your body, calm your mind, and sleep for crying out loud and maybe then moderation may actually be more moderate. #nofliter #saidwithonlylove

Support With Vitamins

Sunshine is only a thing 8 ish hours a day and you’re probably in an office building, house, or school during that time. Sunshine tells our body to produce Vitamin D. Sidenote: We’re far enough away from the equator that any time spent in the sun during winter will not be nearly sufficient for a vitamin D conversion. Again, knowing this value is important. You’d be surprised at how many people have low vitamin D even in summer. Test it and take it especially in winter. Kids too. (In case I needed to mention that. These tips apply to adults and children!) Mitocore: my favorite multi. It stimulates the mitochondria of all the cells. All of them. Sounds like magic. Various other supplements catered more to each individual and symptom.


I’ve talked to more people that want to be more proactive with their health. It’s so rewarding to see families taking responsibility for their health now more than ever. Your body has what it takes. 

I know this. 

I’ll be your person. 

Ask me for tools for your at-home health toolbox. 

Goal: stay adaptable to any current situation. 

My team and I are Team “We’ve Got Your Back”. In more ways than one ❤️

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