An Abundant Health Gift Guide

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An Abundant Health Gift Guide

‘Tis the Season!

We have a fun, new addition to our website, channeled a little Oprah, and present “Our Favorite Things”! 

I am really excited about this! We talk about so much in such a little time during an adjustment and now we have a resource and links to help you bring the lifestyle shifts that accompany a rockin Nervous system that we have found to be beneficial! 

Let’s talk about amazing gifts for yourself and those you love!


Gifts For A Powerful Mind

Give the best gift there is to give: a powerful mind.

Nothing beats motivation, inspiration, and eliminating limiting beliefs. These gifts are easy, inexpensive, and designed to help empower your friends and wit knows no bounds!

The Four Agreements: One of my favorite books for the young teen, a mid-life adult – anyone and everyone! This is a staple gift I give to new employees, new grads, anyone wanting to set the tone for an abundant life. Best $5.77 you will ever spend. Stock up. Spread joy.

These cards are a great addition to the book. We draw a card every morning in our meeting to set the intention for the day. Fun to see which ones come up the most and really he engage my team not only for clear communication but open discussions!

“You are a Badass” daily calendar: Bite-size chunks of inspiration and a big dose of truth to get yourself out of your own way! Grab the book too!

2022 Planner: I’m a paper planner kind of gal. Dream, write down, cross it off. Designed to help set goals, big ones and daily ones, time manage and keep you on track. I love this and keep it from year to year. Journal and planner and fun to reminisce where I’ve been and where I’m going. 


Gifts To Use Between Adjustments

Headspace taken care of, must-haves for that body that works hard all day.

Lax ball: knots, overworked muscles, tension- Great for home, office drawer and travel to help those nasty trigger points

Foam roller: For those that want a daily routine of stretch and ease of tension

Tens unit: Decrease inflammation for acute problems. Knees, shoulders, neck, back. Great for at-home therapy, but certainly not the cure-all for what ails you.

Gel packs: hot and cold. Relief and Relaxation

Exercise bands: work out at home. These guys travel well and are a great way to build muscle, especially for your back muscles. Posture, Posture, Posture!

Massage gun: Because if I have heard it once I have heard it a thousand times: “I need one of these at home” Yes, you do. Here is a good at-home massager at an at-home price. Let me know if your spouse requires a “doctor’s note” in order to use it on you. I’m in 😉


We’re always ready to share our favorite things and what we’ve found to be essential in our health and well-being regime! Check back often as we add to our store and let us know what you try and love!!!


Happy Holidays From The Abundant Health staff! 

And Abundant Health to you and yours 💙

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